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How to Plot Interaction Effects in SPSS Using Predicted Values

So you've run your general linear model (GLM) or regression and you've discovered that you have interaction effects. Now what? Next, you might want to plot them to explore the nature of the effects and to prepare them for presentation or publication! The following is a tutorial for who to accomplish this task in SPSS. A follow-up tutorial for how to do this in R is forth coming.

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Moderating Effects with Seemingly Uncorrelated Variable

I received a great question this week, which asked: In order for a moderating relationship to exist, do the predictor IV and dependent  variable need to be significantly correlated?". This is a question that I am asked a lot, partly because of the common confusion between mediators and moderators and the commonly held belief that an IV and DV should be related for mediation to be present (see my video blog on Mediators, Moderators, and Suppressors for more info on this topic).  However, moderators are a completely different story...

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